HCigar Nemesis Clone Review

High powered regulated box mods are becoming more and more popular with vapers. However, mechanical mods have a niche, almost cult-like following. The Nemesis mod by Atmomixani is wildly popular due to its sleek design and versatility, which also make it one of the most cloned devices. Today we will be looking at the HCigar… Continue reading HCigar Nemesis Clone Review

HIT eCig Review

Every once in awhile, a surprisingly great product comes across my desk. Such is the case with HIT eCigs. I know what you’re thinking, fellow vapers: “Groan…a cig-a-like?” Truthfully, the HIT eCig puts everything else in this category to shame. This isn’t your grandma’s e-cigarette.   Product Specs 1 HIT eCig = approx. 6 packs of cigarettes Do… Continue reading HIT eCig Review