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Every once in awhile, a surprisingly great product comes across my desk. Such is the case with HIT eCigs.

I know what you’re thinking, fellow vapers: “Groan…a cig-a-like?”

Truthfully, the HIT eCig puts everything else in this category to shame. This isn’t your grandma’s e-cigarette.


Product Specs

  • 1 HIT eCig = approx. 6 packs of cigarettes
  • Do not have to charge battery
  • Several nicotine levels
  • Multiple flavors
  • Comfortable tip/mouthpiece
  • Innovative design

Price: $20
Step down pack: $59.99 (4 HIT eCigs – 24/16/8/0 mg)


A HIT eCig is about 4 3/4″ long (120mm) and has an interesting football-type shape, not round. In my opinion, its larger size and innovative shape make it easier to hold and more comfortable to put in your mouth. The end tip is also rubberized for comfort.

At the other end, the HIT logo lights up when you take a vape. Maybe you didn’t notice, but the HIT logo actually looks the exact same upside down, which is brilliant branding on their part.

The e-cig is completely wrapped with a large sticker that features an interesting, modern design. Most of the full-flavored HIT eCigs have a black wrapper, with the light flavors and zero nicotine levels being white. The HIT eCigar has a cool looking cigar leaf wrapper.


What really sets this product apart from others is its battery life. A major setback of Blu e-cigs is that you constantly have to set them aside for hours on end to charge the battery. Not so with the HIT eCig. The battery lasts the full life of the product, which is about 120 cigarettes.

The HIT eCig is a throwaway product. Buy it, vape it, pitch it when you’re done. Other brands of throwaways don’t have anywhere near this amount of product life, and are more expensive in the long run.

HIT has found a great balance between the more expensive rechargeable e-cigs with replacement cartridges and throwaways. This is a great bang for your buck product.


Here is where I was truly blown away. Let’s face it, most entry-level vaping products are very substandard, which is a nice way of saying crappy. Vapor production with a HIT eCig is the best I’ve ever experienced in a cig-a-like. I’m not sure what they’re doing that is so different, but you get some really good vapor with this product.

They also have some great flavors:

Vintage – A smooth blend of full-flavored tobacco with hints of coffee and chocolate extracts.

Menthol – Not so much a menthol flavor, but a cool mint vape that doesn’t have a harsh throat hit.

Green Apple – Crisp, fruity green apple. This was the only flavor that was just okay for me. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t particularly care for it compared to the others.

Blueberry – This one is very good! A sweet blueberry that isn’t overpowering.

eCigar – Former cigar smokers will love this one. I was surprised at how much it tasted like a real cigar. It reminded me of a mild Dominican blend, like a Macanudo Robust.

Each flavor is available in all nicotine levels. Step down packs are also available.

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