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Innokin iTaste 134 Mini Review

I wasn’t really looking for another regulated device when I stumbled across the Innokin iTaste 134 Mini.

When a photo of the 134 came across my radar, I just had to have one. It was like nothing I’d ever seen, and I like being different. I don’t like having the same thing as everyone else.

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Product Specs

  • Power: 6.0V (max), 12.5W (max)
  • Resistance: 1.2 ohm (minimum)
  • Battery: single 18350 or 18500
  • Two battery bodies
  • Variable wattage only device
  • Battery level indicator
  • 510 connection

The 134 Mini comes in a well made metal case that also includes Innokin’s new iClear X.I clearomizer, and instruction manual.

Price: $100


The unique styling of Innokin’s 134 is a love or hate affair. Regardless of whether you’re a fan, one thing remains constant: it turns heads. It looks like something out of a science fiction novel.

The 134 Mini addresses the size and weight issues a lot of vapers had with big brother. Even though the Mini is about 30% smaller, thinner, and lighter, it is still made of stainless steel and has some heft to it. The 134 Mini isn’t cumbersome, but it definitely won’t fit well in a shirt pocket.

Innokin’s craftsmanship is second to none, and it all comes together in the 134 Mini. The level of quality here is impressive, and puts this mod in a class by itself.


The 134 Mini features Innokin’s easy to use 1-2-3 red, yellow, green firing button with low battery indicator.

This is a variable wattage only device (7-12.5W), and output is controlled by a rotation wheel around the middle of the body. The wheel clicks into place at each wattage increment, so there’s little chance of bumping your setting out of place.

A single 18350 or 18500 battery can be used with the 134 Mini, and each has its own body sleeve. I wear a men’s large glove, and 18500 mode fits my hand perfectly. I’ve tried using an 18350, and for me, it’s difficult to comfortably reach the firing button.

Up top, a machined beauty ring can be removed to use eGo style tanks with this device.


While the included iClear X.I tank is a marked improvement over previous Innokin clearomizers, it still pales in comparison to others available on the market.

I’ve been using my 134 Mini with an Aspire Nautilus Mini at 11W, and not only is it a beautiful looking setup, it is balanced, compact, and performs wonderfully.

Those of you who may steer away from the 134 due to no variable voltage on this device, consider this: variable wattage gives you set-it-and-forget-it control. When you vape by voltage, you always have to be conscious of the ohm limitations of the coil. If you swap to different tank, you may have to adjust your voltage up or down to get a consistent vape.

When you vape with wattage, the device automatically adjusts voltage to suit whatever is attached. Just some food for thought.

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